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Univelo London - Cycle Hire

4.8 ( 9888 ratings )
Утіліти Навігація
Розробник: Florent Crivello
0.99 USD

Univelo came to save you. At the beginning, Marc and Florent, the two geeks behind the app, are just some bike sharing lovers. And this powerful love drove them crazy mad with iPhone apps building power lust.

After months of crafting, tweaking, sweating and bleeding, we finally gave birth to a miracle : Univelo.

If we had to summarize Univelo in one word - which would be kind of a pity - it would be speed. This super hero launches, loads the map and downloads the stations list and their availabilities on less than 3 seconds on an iPhone 4S. And it stills find some time to play with its kids.

But the most awesome feature of Univelo is the available bike push notification. Please remember it (when well be dead) when copycats will get in: we were firs!
The idea is simple: you can select stations you wish to receive a notification when a bike is pushed in. So you can do your daily yoga (or go grab some pizza) and just leave when you receive the notification.